I lost my camera in Japan :(

I lost my Sony RX100 M3 in Japan today :(. I left it on the train from Kansai International Airport when I transferred to a slightly faster (blue) train at Izumisano station I believe. On the camera is a picture of my passport, which features a really bad picture of me. If you find my blog please contact me. My full name is Christopher Easton and that’s on the passport. There are also some photos of Shanghai. I’ll be here until the 17th and then back to Shanghai for a couple of days and finally out to home again. If you find it I would be very grateful to get it returned. If you can either call me to leave a message below -or- call me at +1 (805) 300-3487 -or- e-mail me at chris@ (i.e. @chriseaston.com to stop spam) I would really appreciate it.