Another host bites the dust

This site used to be hosted on for the longest time – it was a decent service for the longest time, and cheap, which made it ideal for a random blog. After a couple of years I had one issue trying to reboot a server that was stuck rebooting since November 2022 and I decided to reach out to support — which was non-existent. I tried to reach out to some folks on twitter and the same issue — then I get an e-mail that they’re finally shutting down after all this time. Well that sucks.

Around a couple of months ago I had moved a couple blogs and an old forum ( off that host and onto another, cheap, dedicated server at That was going well until August 31st I get an e-mail they’re shutting down immediately and to move stuff off. Welp, there goes another couple of hours trying to move websites and find a new host. I haven’t done it yet — I did grab backups — that’ll be done shortly as I get one set up.

So here we are, another host bites the dust. This post might go to the ether if I forget to grab the backups or transition to a new host in time. Time will tell, stick around if you randomly stumble here. It’ll be not that interesting 🙂

Ideally I could host from home like I did in the late 90s, but I haven’t looked into doing that with port forwarding, dynamic ips and the like. But worth exploring.

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