Great Gatsby Trailer and a New Jack White Track

Just checked out the Great Gatsby trailer on Youtube and it looks awesome:

It also has a great track from Jack White, which is a B-side on his Sixteen Saltines Vinyl. I looked around for an MP3 purchase from Google and Amazon MP3 but no luck. I did, however, find a YouTube video with the track so check it out:

I’ll probably dig out an old record player and purchase the vinyl and also the full blunderbuss vinyl. My Get Behind me Satan vinyl was slightly different than the CD so I wonder if Jack’s new album is the same way.


The best part of a low carb, high fat diet is that I’m always satiated. I’ve been skipping breakfast and eating my first meal at noontime. I do this because I can make a decent meal during lunch time. I’m down to 214 pounds, which is near where I was when I was exercising 5 days a week and eating mostly low fat whole grains. I also have an extreme amount of energy, I used to get tired after eating a meal in the afternoon, but now I’m alert and normal throughout the day. From the literature that I’ve read this is because my blood sugar is almost constant throughout the day it doesn’t spike when I eat starches are sugars, which makes sense. Let’s hope these changes keep happening, and I keep losing weight. If I get down to 200 pounds I’ll start to do p 90 x to see if I can exercise and do the high fat low carb diet to gain some muscle mass and to lose some additional fat. Time for some oven bacon and fried eggs in butter.

Published from my android phone, using voice to text dictation which is awesome.


Just got an aeropress from Aerobie, the manufacturer of fine throwing instruments. It actually makes quite a good cup of coffee and cleanup is a breeze, I’m totally digging it. I’ll need to experiment a bit more with it as I can’t get the flavor right just yet. The first time I tried it the flavor was perfect. But the subsequent times it didn’t taste so good so I need to keep trying. I do sometimes only get a few ounces out of it so my guess is I need to get the grind correct first. All my attempts were delicious without any cream or sugar substitute so that’s awesome. I wish I could have figured out my Bonita drip coffee, it always came out different but was effortless too. 2 pictures after the break.

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Steak for Lunch

I took a late lunch again today, I had thawed some frozen Costco steak since Sunday night and needed to use it today. It was surprisingly tasty after being in the freezer for a week and didn’t have a bad smell at all which is always a good sign. I followed Alton Brown’s rib-eye steak instructions but ended up having to cook the steak longer than desired (about 11 minutes vs. 5) to get it up to temperature. I may need to leave it on the counter (on a plate) longer than an hour to bring it up to room temperature. I did try something new afterwards, I tried making a reduction to have some sauce. I used some heavy cream and butter to deglaze my cast-iron and make a sauce. Is that the right term? To De-glaze? In any event the sauce came out delicious and complemented the steak wonderfully. I’ll need to follow Alton’s advice and use cognac if I can get some to deglaze and try that. The heavy cream and butter just made a delicious fatty sauce but its good to experiment. I’d just thought I’d share!

New Diet, some exercise

I fell off the Power 90 exercise program I was doing 5 days a week last November. I was down to 212, I then ballooned up to 232. I knew something had to change so I did some research and settled on a low-carb (<20g/day) diet high in Fat. I’ve been eating burgers, bacon, eggs, almonds, peanuts, cream cheese, and steaks for the last couple of weeks. I even managed to keep up with it on a business trip to San Diego thanks to a breakfast buffet where I could load up on pork sausages and bacon. So far I’ve lost 16 lbs on just diet alone. I’m almost down to 212 which was with whole grains and regular exercise. I’ve also had energy to do a couple of 2 mile walk/runs. Overall, I’m really looking forward to continuing this diet! On a side-note I also have a constant level of energy throughout the day, I can pig out on a double-double protein style or something low-carb and I won’t get the afternoon blues. I’ll continue to post things about this diet on here as time progresses.