US Healthcare Law Constitutional

I woke up this morning and heard on NPR that the Supreme court upheld the individual mandate in the Healthcare law that Obama passed. I was actually shocked and happy at the same time. I really didn’t expect the court to uphold it, but their ruling and argument upholding it does make sense. I also read on Reddit this afternoon about Bill O’Reilly’s discussion on his program about the constitutionality of the law. It is interesting that there was the Militia Act of 1792 that also had the same provision, to force people to buy a service. I learn more everyday! Oddly, from one of the guests on Fox News, who got blasted for trying to correct some misinformation before moving on to the question. Then stumping the host!

It also means that the arguments that are given to the court aren’t indicative of the result. Which means they actually do their research before ruling.

Incredible weight loss, thanks to low-carb

Just an update from today, I started Atkins Induction around 4/20 when I reached 232. I’ve been eating low carb (<20g) since then with some days where it might go over and I’m down to 209 today. I feel incredible and the fat is just melting away. I’m usually eating one or two meals a day depending on when I’m hungry and I’m hardly hungry so I usually eat in the afternoon for the first time. Its been a heck of a lot of eggs, sausages, bacon, double-doubles from In-n-out, six dollar burgers from Carl’s Jr, steaks, and gallons of water. So it hasn’t sucked. And I do eat some salad a couple of times with Ranch dressing. I also have snacked on peanut butter, cream cheese, and almonds so I get a bit of fiber. It’s just been incredible! Its worth a shot for anyone looking to lose some weight.