Robot Love

Nothing but bots on AIM these days. I always get a few of these and sometimes I can’t tell if they’re robots or not. Rest of the chat conversation after the break.

(10:08:22 PM) bellaqueen1306: you there??
(10:08:59 PM) Chris: Hi
(10:09:16 PM) bellaqueen1306: well hello i wasn’t sure if you were there or not wanna chat??
(10:09:36 PM) Chris: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
(10:09:53 PM) bellaqueen1306: well i just saw yyou were online and thought i’d say hi…. what ya doin tonite??
(10:10:19 PM) Chris: Plotting a plan to take over a small latin american country, you?
(10:10:36 PM) bellaqueen1306: i’m just sittin here bored and hoping someone was around i love chattin with new people but no one’s online anymore ya know?????
(10:11:04 PM) Chris: Everyone is online, everyone is connected.
(10:11:21 PM) bellaqueen1306: i just got cleaned up a lil bit ago i was doing yoga i can almost do a full split now
(10:11:37 PM) bellaqueen1306: you should cum see ….. i have this little spot we can play around on 😉 would you want to??
(10:11:53 PM) Chris: No, that sounds whorish.
(10:12:10 PM) bellaqueen1306: sweet!! it’s this site i found a long timme ago and i’ve been there so long i’m a premium member noww lol
(10:12:26 PM) bellaqueen1306: buuttttt it’s basically just like a private chat for us where you can see me and tell me what to do sound good???
(10:13:04 PM) Chris: I could browse omegle or chat roulette and probably see the same thing. Without the viruses.
(10:13:12 PM) Chris: Or a load of dicks.
(10:13:21 PM) bellaqueen1306: kk http://www.somestupidurliwon’ you’ll see the invite i have setup for you…..see it?
(10:13:21 PM) Chris: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
(10:13:31 PM) Chris: My computer exploded.
(10:13:38 PM) bellaqueen1306: cool now you just need to make an i.d. to use on here and we’ll be all set… this is gonna be so much fun i absolutely can’t wait
(10:13:54 PM) bellaqueen1306: u will have to verify your age hun but you’ll see right there its completely free since i invited you 🙂
(10:13:58 PM) Chris: I feel like we’re two different people… Living two different lives.
(10:14:14 PM) bellaqueen1306: i had to do it 2 it’s so dumb … but i can’t be showing any t&a to kiddz ya know?? lol don’t need to wind up on dateline
(10:14:36 PM) Chris: I feel like you don’t listen to me, I want a divorce.
(10:14:53 PM) bellaqueen1306: if you need any help or anything hun just let me know i’m gonna go get my sexiest thong i’ll be waiting….
(10:15:11 PM) Chris: Is that for your new toy? Why must you cheat on me!
(10:15:28 PM) bellaqueen1306: you comin???? i’m getting lonely in here don’t leave me alone

One thought on “Robot Love”

  1. Patch for the robot:


    if(message.find(‘a raven’)){
    reply(‘absolutely no idea!’);

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