One Way Trip to Mars for a Reality-Show?

It appears that we may finally have plans to go to the red planet in our near future. But not because we want to explore a new planet or push ourselves and our technology to do great things. The simple reason is that we want to have some reality TV show based upon people basically stuck on the red planet. I’m not so sure about this one and I wish we’d get our act together as a planet and start trying to reverse the damage we’ve done to it and be smart with our resources and also venture out into the great beyond to find new planets and resources to use to grow. In any event, the article is below, along with some detail about Chinese overfishing for fun and light reading.

Want to visit mars? Applications being taken.

China understating foreign catches and overestimating local catches. And basically selling the worlds fish back to the countries they were caught for while destroying populations for unknown damage to the local environments.