About Me

Year of Birth: 1984
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Current Location: Newbury Park, CA
Current Work: Teradata Corporation – Engineer
Schooling: UCSD – 2007- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UCSD

I’ve been into Computers for as long as I can remember. I started with just using them to play games, then taking them apart and upgrading them, then onwards to building them from scratch, and finally onto programming software for them. I’ve been geared mainly towards Web Development and started writing websites to post up to Geocities, the first being a Duke Nukem 3D website. I then branched into setting up my own servers using Linux; using Debian and Slackware. Then finally taught myself to use PHP and interact with a MySQL Database. Then I went to school and took a liking to low-level assembly programming, creating processors in Verilog, and graphics using OpenGL. I’m currently a Software Engineer at Teradata working on web-applications utilizing Spring MVC and Java. I’m a homeowner so I’m picking up the hammer frequently to tackle projects. I also have an almost 2-year old daughter to chase around, converse with, teach the world to, and keep off the couch and high places.

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