Category: Diet

  • Bulletproof Coffee

    Amazing pick me up that should give you lots of energy: Coffee Two spoonfulls of coconut oil 3-5 tbls Kerrygold Butter Blend and enjoy! Zero carb, high fat latte!

  • Paneer (Indian Cheese)

    I’m addicted to Sag Paneer from a local Indian place called Bollywood #3 in Westlake, CA. Today I decided to try my hand at making paneer that I’ll eventually use to make some Sag Panneer at home. I followed these general guidelines in the video below. I ended up using: 1/4 cup of lemon juice…

  • Downright delicious

  • Incredible weight loss, thanks to low-carb

    Just an update from today, I started Atkins Induction around 4/20 when I reached 232. I’ve been eating low carb (<20g) since then with some days where it might go over and I’m down to 209 today. I feel incredible and the fat is just melting away. I’m usually eating one or two meals a…