Category: Quick Movie Review

  • Quick Movie Review: Jurassic World

    Starlord in a pretty bad movie… Not worth the watch….

  • Quick movie review: A Quiet Place

    Great movie. Great dynamic range with the audio, you can feel the tension. Good monsters, glad they developed an original movie for once.  

  • Quick Movie Review: Black Panther

    Lots of action, tech, fun, jokes, more action scenes, vibranium, drums, and a hobbit. 10/10 would recommend a watch. Authors note:¬†Under no circumstances don’t sit in the back row of the theater, I was against a corner at my theater because I couldn’t leave a single seat open when I bought my ticket at the…

  • Quick Movie Review: Ready Player One

    Entertaining, lots of action, can’t wait for blu-ray analysis of all the pop-culture references, big-eyes, and overall an entertaining movie. 10/10 would recommend a watch. Authors¬†note: My movies theater writes MP on your stub if you use Moviepass and beer + recliner is the way to go.