Looking forward to Cyanogenmod 7 on my Droid

A couple of weeks ago I had found a nice beta of CM7 for the droid that worked surprisingly well for being a pre-beta. The only gripes I had with it was that data would be lost after a phone call, it restarted randomly a few times, and the video camera didn’t work. Besides that it was really quick on the year old Droid. The theme itself is worth it. In any event I’m back to CM 6.2 for the time being. A couple of newer builds have come out and I can’t wait to try those.

Movie companies just don’t get it.

Netflix is awesome. Watching instant movies at home is great and the price is perfect. Every movie should be on the service and it should work in every country. But it’s not. For some reason it doesn’t work in Europe, so it’s likely that market just pirates movies. It doesn’t have everything so you come across a movie that looks good to watch and have to wait for DVD by mail. Okay, I can see there are some restrictions and its not a perfect world. To fill in the gap you can use Amazon’s Video on Demand service, which is awesome. The price point is all out of whack though. Just looking at a preorder for Wall Street 2 through a virtual service, 14.99. That’s right, 15 bucks for a movie to own and watch online. That’s the same or more than it will be on DVD and they don’t have to come up with artwork, extra features, extra nonsense, print, package, and ship the damn thing. Its digital, its practically free to copy! If the price point were lower, maybe $5, you’d get so many more people buying your shit. But they won’t and they’ll say it doesn’t work and bitch and complain some more. But honestly, is $5 too much to pay for movie that’ll be 7.99 on DVD in a couple of months when the world is completely digital?

Credit card hunters

So apparently my credit card number was stolen, how, I don’t know. But they rang up 3,000 dollars on it and some of the charges have yet to go through, but I suspect they will. Strangely, I have the card with me, there are no other copies of it, but it was somehow used (swiped) several times when I was working. Luckily, I probably won’t b fucked and lose the cash they spent, but its still a strange thing. But it makes me wonder: Has anyone else experienced this type of activity before?

These are the companies that are raping my card:
Makro Woodmead Johannesburg ZA

But looking at their merchant names, I really do suspect I didn’t make them. Considering that ZA is the country code for Zimbabwe and Most of those are cities in Zimbabwe. But you know.. Apparently I can be in two places at once according to quantum theory *(superposition).

I’ll keep posting about this interesting predicament.