Verizon Fios

I signed up a little while ago to add TV to my internet package with Verizon to try it out again. I signed up for Ultimate HD which is their highest bracket and 35/35 internet. I bought a cablecard tuner from Ceton and got it all setup. Well I decided I wanted to cancel the TV to avoid the additional distraction and to focus more on my side projects with the house and programming. I did some digging and there is no longer a 35/35 connection¬† but there is a 50/25 connection on their site for 84.99. I can’t get that price on the phone for some reason. I can’t order that package online either. And now it looks like you have to bundle with Verizon and then drop the internet to move it around at all. To keep 35/35 it would be 89.99, to eventually move to 94.99 after bundling the new 50/25 and dropping the TV the next day I’m now at a loss of what to do. From the looks of it I’ll have to cancel my service and reorder to get 50/25 internet only for 84.99 online.

I wish there were more competition in this space. Verizon keeps switching their services and prices around while slowly moving the bar up and making it more difficult to make changes to your plan. I also dislike the fact that you can’t seem to get internet only or make changes to it over the phone without bundling for at least a day. I think they’re trying to keep people stuck with a bundle instead of trying to cut the cord. Any they have a near monopoly on fiber to the home service in this area because other providers don’t want to build out a network and have to compete on price and service. Another reason we need municipal fiber and the ability to have choice and competition in this space. Its like 50 Euro in Sweden for a 100/100 connection from what I’ve read.

I wish we had more choices in this arena!