Windows Vista Gripes

I decided to get a list of my Vista Gripes after getting a laptop with Vista home installed on it and finding some gripes. I’ll add to it as time goes on… Feel free to comment on yours

  1. Inserting some CD or DVD brings up the “blank disc” dialog and its inaccessible via windows explorer
    I have heard of a workaround for this, but I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m building a computer for my Dad and I need to get some drivers off the CD so I pop in the driver disk for the motherboard. I then try to browse it in Windows Explorer and get a nice Blank Disk dialog. I open up the trusty command prompt and find out I can read the files that way. Still, this is a commercially pressed DVD, it should work!

One thought on “Windows Vista Gripes”

  1. When a new version of Windows is released, there are usually some bugs and other issues that need to be ironed out. Microsoft has put Vista through extensive testing, but it is hard for them to test it for every possible situation because there are so many different computer setups and configurations…

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