My recently refinanced home loan is unfortunately with Bank of America

I recently went through another refinance to get a lower rate on my loan to 4.75% from 5.625% to save $200/month. I went through my loan broker and was able to not have to fill out 100 forms with mundane details they verify later, which for me begs the question why don’t they just look it up to begin with as I’m sure they get deals from the right places. Anyway, I guess that’d be a GOOD bank that would just take some info from you instead of asking how much you make, the address of where you work, how many pets you have, what your favorite place to eat is, what color is your hair, and other useful information. Because there are no GOOD banks I go through a loan broker who fills out most of these forms for me and applies, or whatever it is that she does, to get me a loan. In any event I’m now with Bank of America Home Loans, which isn’t exactly the good bank I’d like to support.

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