The best part of a low carb, high fat diet is that I’m always satiated. I’ve been skipping breakfast and eating my first meal at noontime. I do this because I can make a decent meal during lunch time. I’m down to 214 pounds, which is near where I was when I was exercising 5 days a week and eating mostly low fat whole grains. I also have an extreme amount of energy, I used to get tired after eating a meal in the afternoon, but now I’m alert and normal throughout the day. From the literature that I’ve read this is because my blood sugar is almost constant throughout the day it doesn’t spike when I eat starches are sugars, which makes sense. Let’s hope these changes keep happening, and I keep losing weight. If I get down to 200 pounds I’ll start to do p 90 x to see if I can exercise and do the high fat low carb diet to gain some muscle mass and to lose some additional fat. Time for some oven bacon and fried eggs in butter.

Published from my android phone, using voice to text dictation which is awesome.

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