Just got an aeropress from Aerobie, the manufacturer of fine throwing instruments. It actually makes quite a good cup of coffee and cleanup is a breeze, I’m totally digging it. I’ll need to experiment a bit more with it as I can’t get the flavor right just yet. The first time I tried it the flavor was perfect. But the subsequent times it didn’t taste so good so I need to keep trying. I do sometimes only get a few ounces out of it so my guess is I need to get the grind correct first. All my attempts were delicious without any cream or sugar substitute so that’s awesome. I wish I could have figured out my Bonita drip coffee, it always came out different but was effortless too. 2 pictures after the break.

Aeropress coffee maker
Aeropress upside down
Coffee cup
Aeropress attempt #3, upside down method.

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