Incredible weight loss, thanks to low-carb

Just an update from today, I started Atkins Induction around 4/20 when I reached 232. I’ve been eating low carb (<20g) since then with some days where it might go over and I’m down to 209 today. I feel incredible and the fat is just melting away. I’m usually eating one or two meals a day depending on when I’m hungry and I’m hardly hungry so I usually eat in the afternoon for the first time. Its been a heck of a lot of eggs, sausages, bacon, double-doubles from In-n-out, six dollar burgers from Carl’s Jr, steaks, and gallons of water. So it hasn’t sucked. And I do eat some salad a couple of times with Ranch dressing. I also have snacked on peanut butter, cream cheese, and almonds so I get a bit of fiber. It’s just been incredible! Its worth a shot for anyone looking to lose some weight.