Back to XenonHD

I tried Cyanogenmod for a week on my Galaxy Nexus from Verizon after being on XenonHD for some time. The main reason for the switch was the ability to have different profiles for driving, home, and out and about. I was enjoying it for about a week but something just seemed to be missing. Maybe it was the battery circle mod I missed or the breakneck speed. I also appeared to have some data loss issues that always seem to appear at the wrong time, I really don’t know. But now I’m back with my lovely XenonHD rom. I don’t know but it really just seems more fluid to me.

Android tablets

So many new android based tablets are hitting thematket. A lot of them are overpriced, like the Motorola Xoom, others will be dirt cheap, like the Asus Transformer.  But there are also hidden tablets, waiting to be unleashed. I recently bought a Barnes & Noble Nook Color for $200 on sale. With a little effort I now have vanilla android running on it. I can still read my books, my daughter and I can play angry birds on it, and I can type a blog post. This is by far the coolest thing and it makes me love and appreciate technology and innovation so much. There is a community of hard working volunteers that has put this together, which is just awesome. Props to everyone in the android hacking space.