Gitlab pages for static sites

I recently discovered gitlab pages when looking to host a static website. Rather than mucking about with hosting, nginx, let’s encrypt, etc. for static content why not try something new? I wanted to create a static page with a background video so I used some footage I captured at sunset with my Mavic Mini drone a couple of years ago. I’ve been sitting on this domain ( for ages, so why not? Some really quick (and dirty) angular, git, and some domain TXT entries and it works without issue. The video is hosted on Backblaze B2 rather cheaply too. Although I probably need to revisit encoding so it loads quicker.

Project Source:


Inny wanted to start a youtube channel.

Innocence has been watching some kids play with toys videos on Youtube almost non-stop before I took her laptop away because that’s all she did. But I did allow her to start her own channel with my help editing and running the camera. So far its a lot of fun, she seems to enjoy assembling toys and making videos. Next up I need to start teaching her how to edit videos.

Her channel is available here: Inny’s Magical Castle. Her first video is posted below: