New Diet, some exercise

I fell off the Power 90 exercise program I was doing 5 days a week last November. I was down to 212, I then ballooned up to 232. I knew something had to change so I did some research and settled on a low-carb (<20g/day) diet high in Fat. I’ve been eating burgers, bacon, eggs, almonds, peanuts, cream cheese, and steaks for the last couple of weeks. I even managed to keep up with it on a business trip to San Diego thanks to a breakfast buffet where I could load up on pork sausages and bacon. So far I’ve lost 16 lbs on just diet alone. I’m almost down to 212 which was with whole grains and regular exercise. I’ve also had energy to do a couple of 2 mile walk/runs. Overall, I’m really looking forward to continuing this diet! On a side-note I also have a constant level of energy throughout the day, I can pig out on a double-double protein style or something low-carb and I won’t get the afternoon blues. I’ll continue to post things about this diet on here as time progresses.


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  1. Yeah, please, carry on posting news about your diet and your massive loss. Am interested. Quit smoking last year and next to everything else, I got blessed and rewarded by excess weight, some 8 or 10 kg, aargh. So the way you describe your diet, which I had heard form many times but found horrible to think of – what with all these animal proteins, sounds like cannibalism – and the way you feel is very appealing. Am not much of a meat eater, but I can picture myself dieting without strange cravings.
    And Yesss! Deglacing (déglacer) is the proper term, bravo, yum, double cream, butter and all that, without weight punishment. OK, I’ll say goodbye to my newest creation, matcha tea sablé biscuits, mmmh, woooahwoo.
    And à propos, know how I came to your blog? Over the pomegranate bonsai. Hehe, matcha, bonsai, yes, I’ve been in Japan last April and was already mad about their culture before I went. No need to describe how I was – and still am – when I came back.

    Congrats for your pictures too, they are just GREAT. Thank you for sharing all that with us all, I’ll be following your blog by the day and reading through your archives.

    Have a good time, a good life, all ze best from France

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m down to 191 at my lowest (a couple of days ago). Its just amazing that its still working. If you’re interested I suggest you just jump right in full throttle and try it for a couple of weeks to make sure it fits your lifestyle. I also suggest a calorie tracker like starting out to make sure you’re meeting the goal of 65% of calories from fat, 35% from protein, and 5% from carbohydrates. You may get flu-like symptoms for a few days which is just your body transitioning to fat for energy from carbohydrates. The biggest downside is having to buy new clothes and not being able to eat bread.

      Best of luck.

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