Steak for Lunch

I took a late lunch again today, I had thawed some frozen Costco steak since Sunday night and needed to use it today. It was surprisingly tasty after being in the freezer for a week and didn’t have a bad smell at all which is always a good sign. I followed Alton Brown’s rib-eye steak instructions but ended up having to cook the steak longer than desired (about 11 minutes vs. 5) to get it up to temperature. I may need to leave it on the counter (on a plate) longer than an hour to bring it up to room temperature. I did try something new afterwards, I tried making a reduction to have some sauce. I used some heavy cream and butter to deglaze my cast-iron and make a sauce. Is that the right term? To De-glaze? In any event the sauce came out delicious and complemented the steak wonderfully. I’ll need to follow Alton’s advice and use cognac if I can get some to deglaze and try that. The heavy cream and butter just made a delicious fatty sauce but its good to experiment. I’d just thought I’d share!

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