Verizon FiOS and Netflix are playing nice together!

I upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 to try and get access to the Netflix app that is part of Windows 8 to get some 1080p streaming and 5.1 surround sound. I also decided to try out Storage Spaces for some parity/redundancy of my media collection but that’s for a different post. The good news for this post is that Netflix and Windows 8 are now playing nicely together, within 30 seconds HD streams are coming through to my home without a VPN required. Works across my PS3, Windows 8 App, and Firefox on a Windows 7 box. Hopefully they’ll continue to play nice together.

It looks like the deal Netflix made with Verizon has been implemented, but hopefully the FCC will enforce some rules so that peering agreements for last-mile ISPs don’t get bogged down so ISPs like Verizon can extract money from web companies to deliver content (i.e. internet fast lanes).

Tests of Home Theater

I’m lucky enough to have a sweet home theater in my living room. I opted for this instead of dropping 1k on a 60+” tv, I saved up and got a deal on a 1080p projector and now have a 102″ televsiion. I love it, its absolutely great. I have some in-wall speakers I still need to mount but decided instead to at least try to get my 5.1 working. I had a set of Bose Model 141s from my computer that weren’t being utilized at the moment and hooked them up. I also grabbed The Avengers blu-ray from Netflix and decided to watch it. Let me just tell you this is an awesome setup. I had my stereo set to 0db for a test during the opening scene with Loki appearing and let me tell you, it was an experience. I almost forgot for a second that I was at home it was so loud and engaging like in a theater. No complaints from the neighbors (yet). Next up, I wonder if I can fully utilize 2 extra channels for true 7.1…