Tests of Home Theater

I’m lucky enough to have a sweet home theater in my living room. I opted for this instead of dropping 1k on a 60+” tv, I saved up and got a deal on a 1080p projector and now have a 102″ televsiion. I love it, its absolutely great. I have some in-wall speakers I still need to mount but decided instead to at least try to get my 5.1 working. I had a set of Bose Model 141s from my computer that weren’t being utilized at the moment and hooked them up. I also grabbed The Avengers blu-ray from Netflix and decided to watch it. Let me just tell you this is an awesome setup. I had my stereo set to 0db for a test during the opening scene with Loki appearing and let me tell you, it was an experience. I almost forgot for a second that I was at home it was so loud and engaging like in a theater. No complaints from the neighbors (yet). Next up, I wonder if I can fully utilize 2 extra channels for true 7.1…

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