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  • Just a speed test & some thoughts on internet access in the USA

    Just a speed test & some thoughts on internet access in the USA

    Netflix internet streaming is finally good. I watched a movie two nights ago and it streamed to Super HD within in a couple of seconds. It stayed nice and swell for the entire thing too. Today I decided to see how much an internet upgrade would cost me. After trying to do it myself online…

  • New server, new theme

    New server, new theme

    I’ve moved this site to a new server. I doubt many of you have noticed the downtime but it should be quicker and speedier. I’ve also updated the theme to the new wordpress one and it it stunning. I really enjoy it and will be posting new things frequently, I promise.

  • Tests of Home Theater

    Tests of Home Theater

    I’m lucky enough to have a sweet home theater in my living room. I opted for this instead of dropping 1k on a 60+” tv, I saved up and got a deal on a 1080p projector and now have a 102″ televsiion. I love it, its absolutely great. I have some in-wall speakers I still…

  • Sous Vide at home

    Sous Vide at home

    Just cooked some sous vide steaks last week, I’ll add a post of my parts list but it was so easy to make delicious new york steak. Cooked for about 4 hours.