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  • Fixing upload limit w/HTTPS-Portal and WordPress docker images

    I was trying to upload this photo of my dog to test out some things and hit an issue with https-portal and the wordpress docker images. I thought I’d share my fixes since it wouldn’t let me upload anything over 1MB. The https-portal has a limit of 1M, so you need to add the CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE…

  • One always needs to do a test post.

    Trying out the activity pub plugin for wordpress, curious if and how it works! Plugin:

  • Fridge and Freezer Temperature Monitoring

    A couple of weeks ago I had the unfortunate problem of my freezer’s auto-defrost not kicking on an the coils freezing completely. This led to my fridge not cooling down past 60. I had to take apart my freezer for the first time to de-ice the coils to get it working again. Then I got…

  • Gitlab Pages + Namecheap

    I came across a small issue when trying to use some namecheap domains with Gitlab pages, namely two stupid joke pages: and I couldn’t get the verification to happen after adding the TXT entries. One simple support issue led me to find the reason, which is namecheap appends the domain automatically to the…

  • LA Fireworks 2020

    Most areas cancelled their planned festivities this year due to COVID-19. But looks like LA took it into their own hands. Looks cool from a drone, probably less cool from the ground, and annoying for dogs. But still pretty neat!

  • Ubiquiti UniFi Ap-AC Lite Troubleshooting after firmware fix

    I recently did two things. 1) Upgrade the firmware on my Ubiquiti Access Point and 2) Replaced my router with PFSense running on an old Xeon-based machine I had. This led to a big problem when trying to get my access point to work, it just wouldn’t connect to the controller. It failed to be…

  • Yosemite

  • Yellowstone

  • First attempt upload and post from phone.

    Just verifying this works. Grabbed a photo from my Sony A6300, tapped to my Pixel 3XL, and uploaded from there.

  • Time to do the ISP shuffle

    I am fortunate in my area that I have multiple high-speed internet providers. Verizon laid a bunch of Fiber that they sold to Frontier and GTE laid some cable internet in the 90s, which became Adelphia and finally Spectrum. Due to the needs of wall-street, one of the numbers they look at is subscriber growth,…